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Planning the Entrepreneurial Venture

For high school, community college and university students

Planning the Entrepreneurial Venture is a semester-long, blended learning course offered at high schools, community colleges, and universities to provide students the foundational knowledge they need to successfully launch a business. Certified FastTrac Affiliates teach the courses in an interactive environment where students can network with one another to bolster their business knowledge and ideas.

It's never too early to consider business ownership.

Planning the Entrepreneurial Venture offers:

  • Extensive resources for instructors, including online instructor guides, graded and non-graded rubrics, and PowerPoint presentations
  • A comprehensive course book to guide students in evaluating entrepreneurship, investigating business feasibility, and developing a business concept
  • Student access to an online tool kit that includes a business plan template and financial spreadsheet
  • Recommendations on guest speakers who can share lessons learned on starting and operating a business
  • A semester-long case study that encourages student interaction and builds critical thinking skills

Planning the Entrepreneurial Venture students complete the course with solid knowledge of business planning, marketing and pricing strategies, understanding of capital needs and financial statements, and keen insights on their abilities as entrepreneurs.