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FastTrac® NewVenture

For aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs

FastTrac NewVenture is a flexible, 30-hour course with a proven framework to help support aspiring entrepreneurs start businesses and begin their journeys to success. Certified FastTrac Affiliates teach the courses in an interactive, group-oriented environment where participants are encouraged to network with one another to bolster their business ideas.

Get ready to get started

In a FastTrac NewVenture course, participants:

  • Discover how their business concepts match their personal visions
  • Align their business concepts with real market opportunities
  • Learn how to set realistic financial goals for their businesses
  • Determine the unique features and benefits of their products/services
  • Find their target markets and competitive advantages
  • Define their company brands
  • Learn how to manage business functions and develop organizational cultures
  • Determine the steps to profitability
  • Identify potential sources of business funding
  • Find available community resources for ongoing business planning

80% of FastTrac NewVenture participants say the course provided the knowledge and skills they needed to start a business.