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FastTrac® GrowthVenture™

For established entrepreneurs who want to take the next step

FastTrac GrowthVenture is a flexible, 30-hour course with a proven framework to help established entrepreneurs realize their business’ full potential through sustainable growth and operational efficiency. Certified FastTrac Affiliates teach the courses in an interactive, group-oriented environment where participants can network with one another to bolster their business knowledge and ideas.

Targeted specifically to entrepreneurs who have experience running their businesses, FastTrac GrowthVenture focuses on the issues you need to:

Get ready to grow

    In a FastTrac GrowthVenture course, participants:

    • Analyze their current business situation
    • Identify the best growth opportunities
    • Determine models for growth
    • Build budgets that support their business’ visions and strategic plans
    • Find ways to strengthen their organizations’ products/services
    • Determine the best sales strategies for their markets
    • Optimize the roles and responsibilities of their management teams
    • Discover the operations systems needed to support a growing business
    • Improve profitability and financial performance
    • Implement revised business plans

FastTrac GrowthVenture participants credit the course with providing them the knowledge and skills to grow their businesses.