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FastTrac® Programs

FastTrac is one of America’s leading entrepreneurial learning programs and remains on the cutting edge by providing programs that are written by entrepreneurs, facilitated by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

A number of FastTrac programs are offered for entrepreneurs at different stages of business development – aspiring entrepreneurs who have an idea for a new business and are just starting out or those that have an existing business or a technology-based venture that are being positioned for growth. FastTrac offers a comprehensive set of resources to help start and grow successful businesses in your community.

FastTrac offers the following programs:

    • FastTrac® NewVenture™

    • For aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs
    • FastTrac NewVenture, specifically for entrepreneurs in the early stages of business development, provides the tools to develop your business concept, determine the viability of the business concept, and outline the critical steps to a successful business launch.

    • FastTrac® TechVenture™

    • For technology and life science entrepreneurs
    • FastTrac TechVenture provides the tools to develop and/or hone the skills needed, as a technology entrepreneur, to understand the business behind the technology – skills to start, operate, fund, and grow a technology or life-sciences business.

    • FastTrac® GrowthVenture™

    • To help existing entrepreneurs improve their business
    • FastTrac GrowthVenture provides the tools and support to carefully review and evaluate important aspects of your business, explore next stage growth and opportunity, and reshape your existing business for future profitability and improved business performance.

    • Planning the Entrepreneurial Venture™

    • Planning the Entrepreneurial Venture
    • Planning the Entrepreneurial Venture blends rich, online content with traditional classroom instruction, allowing two- and four-year college students to learn through self-discovery as you explore entrepreneurship and research, develop, and write a start-up business plan.

    • Workshops

    • Kauffman FastTrac offers several workshops on topics that are of critical importance to entrepreneurs. The workshops provide entrepreneurs with immediately actionable tools and techniques to help them build and grow their businesses. Kauffman FastTrac workshops are approximately four hours in duration.

    • FastTrac Online
    • Prefer an online course? Learn more about FastTrac Online offered through Kaplan University.