MaranathaEd, LLC

Duane A. Joseph
MaranathaEd, LLC

Location: Kansas City, MO

Founded: 2012                                              

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Description: MaranathaEd, LLC is an ACT strategy, preparatory, coaching, and math-tutoring service. MaranathaEd is a relationship-driven company that works hard to understand clients’ goals, visions, and individual needs. Our firm is a passionate, forward-thinking and results-oriented client advocate. We utilize our tutors’ expertise and professional knowledge of ACT prep strategies and math to help each student become successful and confident. Our team consistently delivers strong, thorough foundational techniques that produce understanding and confidence, ensuring that our student clients can trust MaranathaEd to always work with them to deliver long-term value through caring and knowledge of material. Founded in 2012, MaranathaEd is reshaping the way students, parents, teachers and administrators view ACT Prep and math tutoring. The company also works with parents on best practices for the home environment to help each student be as successful as possible in both the classroom and test settings.

Strategy: Math tutoring—MaranathaEd helps K-12 and post-secondary students who are struggling in math. We have employed an amazing computer system that allows us to find out where students are struggling in math and focus on filling those gaps. Each student is given an assessment that allows us to see what gaps need to be filled and then tutors create a plan with our students, parents, and teachers.

ACT prep—MaranathaEd also focuses on school districts and private schools in the Kansas City metropolitan area and in outlying areas up to 1.5 hours away. The ACT Right Prep pilot course is offered to school districts, allowing them to identify ten to fifteen students who have previously scored in the 10 to 17 range on their PLAN or ACT test. Once identified, we prepare for the next ACT test by bringing them through MaranathaEd’s proprietary Strategies-Practice-KnowledgeSM system. Our licensed packaging will be renewable and measurable with our own oversight to ensure the training program is being delivered perfectly at the school level. To do this, we will assist schools in choosing the right in-house instructors and our monitoring program ensures they are hitting the desired targets. Once students have taken our ACT prep courses, they will be able to navigate through test day with a strong foundation, creating confidence that will lead to success.

Growth: Math tutoring—We would like to see our math tutoring services expand to working with more than 75 students and families in the greater Kansas City area by the end of 2014.

ACT prep—Our initial objective was to provide a service that helps students test successfully on the ACT, but the service has evolved into a quality, licensed, training product that is positioned to sell to schools (public, private, and faith-based) nationwide.

Next: Math tutoring—MaranathaEd has a great presence in Johnson County, Kansas, and we look to expand to other markets in Jackson County, Missouri, such as Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Liberty, etc.

ACT prep—Future plans include developing a relationship/partnership with nationally-known ACT and collaborating to receive this company’s blessing and endorsement of our efforts and specifically, MaranathaEd’s ACT Right Prep program.

Insight: “Know your strengths and weaknesses and surround yourself with those who are smarter than you and those who will let you know when you are veering off track.”