Fulfillment Plus

Davy Hartman Campbell head shot
Davy Hartman Campbell
Fulfillment Plus

Location: Kansas City, MO

Founded:  1999

Employees: 19

Course:  FastTrac GrowthVenture - Graduated 2000

Affiliate: Kauffman FastTrac

Build the concept. Fulfillment Plus takes an all-in-one approach to marketing that combines on-site project management, database management, direct mail, full-color printing services and inventory management to increase clients’ success potential.  

Plan the strategy. After 10 years at a large fulfillment company, Campbell determined that Fulfillment Plus would focus on the comprehensive marketing needs of small and mid-sized businesses and nonprofits, which most fulfillment companies overlook. One-on-one contact, innovative thinking and a focus on results are the company’s founding principles.

Grow the revenue. Campbell says Fulfillment Plus has grown because it is relentlessly customer-focused and puts a premium on hiring only highly qualified individuals who demonstrate spunk and creativity. Every staff member is committed to learning and developing skills to provide the most effective fulfillment, digital print and marketing services.

A number of clients were so impressed by the Fulfillment Plus attention to detail and customer service that they wanted to work with the company on projects beyond the marketing arena. In response, the team created a partner organization, Events Plus, which now helps companies and individuals execute events that engage and influence target audiences. Adding that organization also added revenue-growth potential.

Thanks to actions such as those, which put customers first, Campbell was honored with the Kansas City Business Journal’s 2005 Women Who Mean Business Award, and Kansas City Small Business Monthly named Fulfillment Plus among the top 25 businesses with fewer than 25 employees. More recently, she was honored as Kansas State University’s 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year.

Expand the market. Campbell says she and her team are in the business of building relationships; she is confident that approach will foster expansion. She adds that the Fulfillment Plus reputation for client success and satisfaction, coupled with the dedication of each team member, will ensure that the company continues to outperform competitors, evolve in tune with its customers and grow.

Insight/Hindsight. “FastTrac was instrumental in helping me create a stage for success. I took the class one year after starting Fulfillment Plus, and it forced me to create a business plan that was more realistic than what I previously had created. I credit that realistic approach with my company’s growth, putting me in a position to receive several awards and honors, and providing a stable environment with growth opportunities for my employees. One of the most valuable results, however, was the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs. I still talk with classmates and facilitators regularly.”