Meural Inc.

Dan San head shot
Dan San
Meural Inc.

Location: New York, NY

Founded:  2015

Employees: 7

Course: FastTrac NewVenture- Graduated 2015

Affiliate: NYC Business Solutions

Build the concept. Meural Inc. created and markets a digital-age canvas, which allows users to access and upload photos, paintings, and digital or video art on a patented display that makes the imagery look like a professionally framed photo or painting.

Plan the strategy. Meural allows people to upload photography and art to the Meural Connected Canvas, and to change or control uploaded images with a swipe of the hand. Users can upload personal photos or art, or choose from Meural’s Permanent Collection. The permanent collection includes the company’s exclusive content and selected items from galleries and artists who choose to promote their artwork and increase their following through an alliance with Meural.

Grow the revenue. San says the company’s growth is spurred by word of mouth, press coverage and, most importantly, product quality. Since April 2015, when Meural released its press kit and opened preorders, the company and its Connected Canvas have been featured in Entrepreneur® Magazine, The Architect’s Newspaper, Fortune, Apartment Therapy, Digital Trends, Thrillist, and the Houzz and Robert Scoble’s blog, among others. By November 2015, the company had completely sold out its preorder inventory and, during December 2015, began shipping to customers in 25 countries worldwide. Many homeowners, collectors, businesses, doctors, lawyers and other professionals now use The Meural to decorate their homes and offices, indicating that its market potential is mainstream.

Expand the market. The company currently is in the process of closing a multi-million dollar round of investor fundraising that will allow it to expand during 2016. To help increase demand, fuel word of mouth, and make it easy for people to discover and share their experiences with the Connected Canvas, Meural also plans to use a viral, content-driven marketing business model to acquire more customers, partners and brand presence. The company’s vision is to create a platform that empowers consumers to access the visual content they desire, and allows visual artists to build their audiences and businesses. The mission, in essence, is to bring the art world into the digital age and empower the industry in a new way.

Insight/Hindsight. “FastTrac helped me better understand my strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur and leader. The essence of FastTrac is to teach not only through study, but also through action. That’s what makes it amazing. The experience changed my life.”