Window Traditions of Georgia

Ann Lucas head shot
Ann Lucas
Window Traditions of Georgia

Location: Johns Creek, Georgia

Founded: 1990

Employees: 16

Course:  FastTrac® GrowthVenture- Graduated 2011

Affiliate: University of Georgia Small Business Development Center

Build the concept. Window Traditions of Georgia sells and installs premium windows and doors, and provides a broad range of related services.

Plan the strategy. Window Traditions provides the selection and expertise Atlanta-area homeowners, new-home buyers, remodelers and commercial clients need to fit their budgets and meet their requirements for easy operation and maintenance. But people really come to the company for confidence — confidence that Window Traditions experts will handle the toughest jobs, that the products will beautifully stand the test of time, and that the company will maintain its commitment to each customer.

Grow the revenue. Building relationships has been key to the company’s impressive growth, which prompted Inc. to rank Window Traditions of Georgia among the fastest-growing companies in America. Word-of-mouth recommendations draw shoppers into one of Window Traditions’ two Atlanta-area showrooms. But a high-quality, confidence-inspiring approach has been has been the company’s most powerful booster. For example:

  • Installation services are certified to meet American Architectural Manufacturing Association standards and are backed by a three-year warranty.
  • Maintenance and repairs are delivered with knowledge and speed, even for products sold by another company.

Expand the market. While maintaining a focus on customer relationships, Lucas is preparing for additional expansion by exploring technology that can automate processes, digitize and easily share information, and make more efficient use of resources.

Insight/Hindsight. “FastTrac helped me look at all aspects of the company with a critical eye and develop an improvement plan. It also ‘forced’ me to work on those improvements for a period of time each week, which helped the company immensely. Thanks to FastTrac, I documented business processes, improved hiring and training practices, and learned to be a better manager. Concrete steps such as those increase the value of the company.”