Enterprise Value: How the Best Owner-Managers Build Their Fortune, Capture Their Company's Gains, and Create Their Legacy

Enterprise Value is intended to speak to how and why the best seasoned successful Entrepreneur Owner-Managers are able to earn a fortune and create a permanent positive legacy. It is intended to address the observations from many of the author’s friends/clients after they successfully completed a wealth creation transaction, that: "Dammit, Pete, if I had only known then what I know now." The work is filled with dozens of vivid and informative true stories from his twenty five plus years of working with Owner-Managers as they face ultimately overcoming adversity and challenges and striving to get their businesses to sustain for the long term—no, the really really long term—beyond their personal ownership of them. Because Entrepreneur Owner-Managers usually have their sense of identity, psychological self-worth, and financial net-worth all tied up in their organizations, this book is written from the intersection of Positive Psychology and Finance, both of which the author has advanced degrees in. 

Pete Worrell has enjoyed actively leading engagements achieving the professional and personal goals of Bigelow clients for over twenty-five years. He has a particular interest in the intersection of psychology and finance and its relevance to building enterprise value in the private transaction market. His efforts go to the practical application of the insights drawn from these disciplines to improve decision making in the owner-manager domain of risk. He is known as a thought leader on the art of building sustainable enterprise value for all stakeholders in private owner-managed organizations.