50 Ways to Love Your Startup

Bruce Mancinelli delivers 50 important ways to embrace your big idea and make it a success. Bruce challenges the reader to seize that business idea you have always had and become the lover you have always wanted to be. Unlike a new automobile, a new startup does not come with a user’ guide; how to make it work, overcome problems and issues and everything you have to do to make your startup, “hum and purr” like a well tuned automobile. That comes from everyday experiences and the help you can get along the way from others along who have gone before you. Fifty Ways to Love Your Startup is designed to get you started and to be some of that help that will be needed along the way. 

Mr. Mancinelli has more than 45 years of experience in managing and mentoring high technology companies. With a background that includes senior executive positions in sales and marketing as well as Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President with seven high technology companies, Mr. Mancinelli offers a range of skills that can adapt from small startup companies to medium sized organizations and large corporations. Known a team builder he has an exceptional way with people and has strength in his ability to communicate, direct and manage others. Most recently Mr. Mancinelli served as Executive Director of the INC.spire Education Foundation, a 501c3 organization, which includes an incubator program where more than 120 startups have called INC.spire their home and where they have received their mentoring and where INC.spire has enjoyed a graduation rate of over 96% since operations began in 2000. 

Mr. Mancinelli studied languages at Bethany College, West Virginia and is a Vietnam Army Veteran. He is also a Kauffman FastTrac Program Manager and Facilitator. 

Mr. Mancinelli is a board member of Titus Institute, INC.spire Education Foundation, TidWit, Changecause (Naytiv), Car Square, BuilDatAnalytics (BDA), E-Mow, Transit Screen, iSchool for the Future, Dimensional Concepts, Digital Mailer, and My Virtual StrongBox.