Who Offers the FastTrac Programs?

FastTrac programs are delivered by a variety of affiliate organizations – both nonprofit and for-profit – including chambers of commerce, business development centers, local and regional economic development councils, colleges, universities, microenterprise organizations, consulting firms and many others. These organizations are passionate about supporting entrepreneurship and, by doing so, they are:

  • Building their communities by building strong economies;
  • Growing their organizations by providing valued services; and
  • Fulfilling their missions by transforming principles into practice.

Who Participates in the FastTrac Programs?

FastTrac programs and materials meet the needs of entrepreneurs on all socio-economic levels including:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who are evaluating their business idea to determine whether it can be viably launched into a business;
  • Existing entrepreneurs who are looking for new skills and strategies to grow or sustain the business they're leading;
  • Displaced workers who are contemplating entrepreneurship as their new career option; and
  • Students who are exploring entrepreneurship through college and university courses.

For additional information, contact Michele Markey via email.