Abstractions, LLC

The Rev. Dr. Yolanda M. Wattsjohnson head shot
The Rev. Dr. Yolanda M. Wattsjohnson
Abstractions, LLC

Location: New York, NY & Milwaukee, WI        

Employees: 3 partners         

CourseFastTrac NewVenture - Graduated 2011
               FastTrac GrowthVenture - Graduated 2014

Affiliate: NYC Business Solutions

Build the concept. Abstractions, LLC is a learning organization supporting all individuals on the journey toward self-actualization. Using the entire world and the communities in which we live as laboratories, we design exceptional learning experiences.

Plan the strategy. Our recent participation in GrowthVenture and International Woman's Day provided the impetus to launch our Sisters Reading Sisters national tour. This is a member-led, event-based collaborative community focused on promoting the work of female authors and the act of reading. Our events are hosted by intellectual warriors who READ, SPEAK and ACT to change their lives and the lives of others.

Grow the revenue. We project a membership of 1000+ individuals by the end of 2015 supported by the intellectual warriors hosting events in cities across America. Our community is expected to grow significantly from our developing strategic partnership with spiritual communities and FastTrac alumni.

Expand the market. Within five years we would like to explore the potential of opening a K-8 school.

Insight / Hindsight. “FastTrac GrowthVenture offered me an opportunity to give myself a GREAT gift! Having done NewVenture, I knew everything I needed to move forward was in the book. This time for GrowthVenture, I did all the reading and now I can hardly keep up with all the insight I have gained to successfully and strategically grow my business. Thanks to FastTrac I am creating the change I want to see in the world.”