Confident Governance

Bhavesh C. Bhagat head shot
Bhavesh C. Bhagat
Confident Governance

Location: Reston, VA

Founded: 2010

Employees: 30                                     

CourseFastTrac TechVenture- Graduated 2009

Affiliate: Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC)

Build the concept. Confident Governance helps companies achieve and maintain ethical governance and risk management standards across all spectrums of operations. Leveraging the power of Big Data, mobile and cloud computing, the company builds products that support the largest organizations, but are affordable for the smallest enterprises. In addition, its products help individuals manage enterprise risk, cybersecurity and compliance.

Plan the strategy. The current state of governance is dysfunctional and auditing is often cumbersome and costly. Companies have spent a lot of money on governance, compliance, cybersecurity, and risk management software in the past. Yet, board members and executives have no tangible insight into their controls and governance. Bhavesh invented the concept of "Governance as a Service" and created the strategy to make governance as easy as CRM. As a result, business users are less dependent on information technology to create governance solutions.

Grow the revenue. The subscription-based business and string partnerships with Salesforce and SAP have helped the company grow revenue with the best source of investment: its customers. Bhavesh is a serial entrepreneur of a different breed. After successfully bootstrapping his first company, EnCrisp, to a multi-million dollar business, he created an angel investment firm and invested in Confident Governance with the same ethos of letting customers grow the solution. As a result, Confident Governance was profitable from day one. Additionally, the product line has expanded from the main Confident Governance platform to include offerings such as Secure Chatter, Data Lifecycle Protection, Agile Audit and Agile PMO.

Expand the market. The company wants to maximize efficient governance and growth, worldwide, by embracing risks with transparency rather than uncertainty. The velocity of business change will increase in the coming decades with technology advances in the Internet of Things and mobility. New areas of emerging markets will require an even greater focus on governance. With that in mind, Confident Governance established a global governance Information Communication Technology hub in India. Being on two continents enables us to deliver “Confidence” in Asia and North America with more markets planned for the future. Its SaaS-based offering allows us to secure partnerships globally and find areas of new growth. This illustrates a commitment to use technology as a driver of positive change for business, worldwide.

Insight / Hindsight. “FastTrac TechVenture has been one of the most important factors in establishing Confident Governance as a global leader in agile governance, risk, and compliance technology. In an era when businesses are frequently changing, the course provided valuable insight on conducting market research, analyzing industry trends and successful entrepreneurship.”